ACS Production System MG 190 Rattunde MG 298 Chamfering and Facing Rattunde 83 USML

ACS Production System

The ACS Saw cuts tubes and bars faster than any production saw in the world. Ideal for high volume output where no brush deburring is required.

Servo Controlled Cold Sawing

Fully automatic, using sophisticated electronics, servo motors and custom developed software to control the saw blade during the cutting process.

Brush Deburring

Brush deburring and changeover is completely automatic. Wire brush engagement is set on the control panel and brush wear is compensated automatically.

Chamfering and Facing

The CFM double end chamfering machine simultaneously end faces and chamfers the ID and OD of the saw cut part.

Curve Machining

Our patented process simultaneously machines each workpiece end using 12 independent servo-controlled axes. Options include: threading, boring, profile turning, grooving, radius edges and angled chamfering.

ACS Production Systems

For over 20 years Rattunde has been designing and building innovative solutions for tube and bar sawing and post cutoff value added processes. From mill length tube and bar to finished product; cleaned, inspected and neatly stacked, Rattunde's fully automatic ACS Production Systems get the job done quickly, precisely and at lowest cost per part. Whether you are looking to simply recut mill length tube and bar, recut and brush, recut and end finish or recut and machine complex features, including threading, there is a Rattunde ACS Production System suited to your needs. Do you need 100% inspection, washing and drying or maybe automatic stacking of your finished parts? Rattunde's ACS Production Systems can be fully integrated with any number of Rattunde's inspection, washing and drying or automatic stacking systems.

Please take some time to explore our product line on this website. Should you have any questions, please contact Rattunde & Co GmbH in Ludwigslust, Germany or Rattunde Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are happy and eager to put our experience to work for you.

Tube & Bar Cutting

Designed and built in Germany, the Rattunde ACS Production System is the preferred machine for tube cutting and solid bar sawing. Rattunde sets the world standard for reliability, productivity and quality. Precision electronics combined with custom developed software ensure machine repeatability and fast changeovers with minimal operator intervention.

ACS Production Systems can be fully integrated with any of the following processes: Brush-deburring, End machining (facing and chamfering), Curve machining (contouring, threading, grooving, boring, OD turning), Inspection, Washing and Drying, Packaging.

Tube & Bar Finishing

The Rattunde ACS+CFM and ACS+CFMcurve production systems automatically cut mill length tubes and bars to finished part lengths and then transfers them to an integrated double end machining center. Machining options include: threading, boring, profile turning, grooving, radius edges and angled chamfering. Programming screens guide operators for quick setup on even the most complex part geometry. No special programming is required. Utilizing advanced controls, linear ball screws and servo motors, all mechanical motion is seamlessly integrated into the machine design for full process control.

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